Port of Bergen

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Bergen, Hordaland, Norway)

Bergen Port offers a total of five ferry routes which are operated by a variety of companies. Sailings along all of these routes are infrequent, with services running from three times a week to three times a month.

Bergen to Hirtshals

The Bergen to Hirtshals route is operated by Colorline with crossings three times per week. Journey times are 23 hours and all ships serving the route are equipped with comprehensive passenger comforts and amenities.

Once at Hirtshals ferry terminal, passengers will find basic facilities. The port is, however, very close to the town so shops and restaurants are readily on hand.

Bergen to Lerwick

The Bergen to Lerwick route is operated by both Smyril Line and P&O Ferries. Services operated by P&O sail once or two times per week and take approximately 11 hours. Smyril offers a sailing three times per month with a similar journey time. The ferry terminal at Lerwick on the isle of Shetland is a new, modern facility that opened in 2002 and is fully equipped with passenger amenities.

Bergen to Newcastle

The Bergen to Newcastle route is an infrequent service with an average of only three sailings per week and an approximate journey time of 26 hours. The service is provided by Fjordline. Vessels operating this route can accommodate both passengers and vehicles. The ferry terminal in Newcastle offers limited facilities with restricted parking available.

Bergen to Seysdisfjordur

Smyril Line operates the Bergen to Seysdisfjordur route, which takes two days. This route is seldom operated and passengers are advised to check availability well in advance of their proposed travel dates.

Bergen to Torshaven

The Bergen to Torshaven route is operated by Smyril Line and offers only three sailing per month with a crossing time of 20 hours. The ferry terminal at Torshaven on the Faroe Islands has basic facilities but is a mere five minutes' walk to the town, where a variety of amenities such as shops and restaurants are on hand.

Bergen Port

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